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About Leadx Removals

We pride our excellence on the experience we have attained in the past 10 years in the industry. Leadx Removals understands various needs requested by different clients and execute the needs with diligence and enthusiasm. Our great team of employee contributes fundamentally to our success.

The staff executes their assigned task with professionalism. They are friendly, courteous and always dressed in company uniform.  We invest highly in the right tool and equipment required in office and household removals and rubbish extraction enabling us to offer reliable services. Our service is prompt and there is no single moment we keep our customers waiting.

The company is licensed by Removal Agency and strictly abides by the rules required. With such accreditations, clients entrust us with the handling of their household or office furniture. We take safety measures and precautions very seriously. The entire manpower team undergoes thorough training on handling fragile goods and removable furniture.

When it comes to packing, we provide special package boxes for breakable items and normal packing for the rest of the items. Extra caution is applied during transportation to the destination place. We pay keen attention to client’s instructions and details. Upon arrival, we ensure every box is placed in the appropriate rooms of the house or office.

Also, we provide insurance cover for the passengers and goods in transit. We take liability for any accidental damage that may arise even though we hardly experience such challenges. With the new technology in the market, Leadx Removals has invested greatly on the latest machinery and equipment for rubbish removals in Hull. With us, you never experience incompetence for we are well equipped in all aspects.

The company is fully recognized by the Environmental Agency and endorsed for rubbish removal services. Our service is available at any time of the day and night. We offer a wide range of packaging allowing the customer to choose one that suits their needs and budget. We believe in quality service delivery and give you value for your money.

All our vehicles come in good condition and undergo service maintenance on a regular basis. This guarantees on a non-interrupted journey from the site of work to the destination. Also, we have a broad range of fleet in different sizes for easier ferrying of bulk furniture during office and house removals in Hull city.

Before commencement of a task, our site managers pay free site visits to assess the nature of work and provide you with a written detailed quotation. The manager takes time in clarifying any information you may need before leaving the site. Leadx Removals gives you ample time to go through our package and compare our rates with other removal companies.

We provide our services to various sectors including learning institutions, private organizations, residential estates, commercial industries, and much more. Based on the nature of removals, we offer service upon request with rubbish removal attracting contractual terms. In the case of an emergency or change of a program, we quickly and easily adjust to the new schedule when communication is done on time.

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