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House Removals

Leadx Removals is here to make life and moving process easier for you. With a detailed plan and program for the relocation, be sure to receive an excellent service beyond your imagination. We pride our success in working as a team from the beginning of the task to the end.

Our staff dedicates full attention to the jobs assigned to them and their enthusiasm speaks for volume for the company. We have earned excellent reputation from our clients for handling household items with care straight from packing and transportation process till the destination. Our entire team is courteous, friendly, and show up for work dressed in Leadx Removals uniform.

We fully commit ourselves to every job we undertake and ensures professionalism in the execution no matter how big or small the assignment. For safety handling of the removable items, we have experts undertaking the dismantling and mantling of the furniture ensuring no scratches and dents on the fixtures.

The company provides special packing boxes for fragile products like kitchen cutlery, sentimental antiques, and fine art paintings. Our experience and knowledge in delicate products remove you the burden of handling and moving the items. We build a close relationship with our customers through interacting which enables us to know clients expectations.

Upon arrival, we unpack the necessary items and arranges the furniture exactly in the right spot of the new home.  We leave the personalized packaging for the client. Our team helps in the installation of all electrical equipment including fridges, washing machines, and entertainment system. In the case of change of heart, we always come back and help in the re-arrangement plan.

All our vehicles arrive in different sizes easing the logistics bit of the household items. You never experience any mechanical breakdown with our fleet of trucks for they undergo service maintenance on a regular basis. As a member of the British Association Removals, we abide by the Code of Practice bestowed on us by maintaining the highest standards in the interest of customers’ protection.

Being accredited for excellent house removals in Hull, provides clients with confidence when hiring a removal company. Leadx offers the most affordable rates in town. We provide an excellent package that suits different demands requested by customers. The company gives you time to compare our rates with other service providers and our customer support team is always ready for any questions.

With the latest technology, our IT experts have developed an App allowing customers access house removals in Hull conveniently from the comfort of their mobile phones. Request for house removals service becomes efficient to the clients simply through the App. Prior to the moving process, we visit the old and new house.

This allows the moving manager plan for the task and allocates the appropriate team for the job. Maximum safety is ensured not only on packaging process but also during the transportation. The company provides insurance liability cover for the passengers and goods in transit. Call us today on the telephone and find out more about house removals in Hull.

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